2018 Poster Artist

2018 Festival Poster Revealed!


May 7, 2018 —- Artist Elizabeth Murphy has created a mesmerizing drawing of the Stone Arch Bridge for the festival’s 2018 Collector’s Poster. Each year, an artist is selected by the Stone Arch Bridge Festival to create an original work of art that captures the spirit and energy of the Minneapolis Riverfront.

“For the Stone Arch Bridge Festival poster, I wanted to focus on the coming together of nature and industry, the river being really the initial source of life for the city of Minneapolis. There is such beauty in the juxtaposition of the two and how we have both to thank for our current home. I do my own melding of the two, river and bridge, through a common fundamental shape and drawing method. They are united almost as one but retain fluidity and structure respectively.”- Elizabeth Murphy

Murphy will be a featured artist at the festival this year (booth #99) and will have the 2018 Collector’s Poster available for purchase. The image will also be featured on a reusable tote bag available for purchase at all festival information booths.




Artist Bio:

Elizabeth Murphy

Born and raised in Minnesota, Elizabeth Murphy graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Notre Dame and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art from the University of Minnesota. She currently works from her home studio in Minneapolis where she creates pen drawings and watercolors for her business Eli & Ink. She creates striking and unique black and white pen drawings. Her images are comprised completely of diamonds and triangles, a black and white ink mosaic, a kaleidoscope of shapes. Lines become fluid and soft through the application of these sharp edged shapes. For Elizabeth there is no plan; there is no pattern. It is a free form and dynamic process that evolves as the drawing progresses.

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