2022 Poster Artist

Artist Amy Marie Kulseth has been chosen to create the 2022 Collector’s Poster.

Each year an artist is asked to capture the spirit of the Minneapolis Riverfront for a special limited release poster. This is our second year on the west side of the Mississippi, where the river has a bigger presence throughout the festival. Amy’s artwork brings water to life, which makes her an excellent fit for the spirit and vision of the festival. The 2022 Collector’s Poster design highlights the arches of the Stone Arch Bridge and the iconic glow from the lights of the Minneapolis skyline. The reflected confetti of lights in the water seem to swirl towards Saint Anthony Falls.

Amy Marie will be a featured artist at the festival this year and the 2022 Collector’s Poster will be available for purchase at her booth. The image will also be featured on a reusable tote bag available for purchase at all festival information booths.

The Artist: Amy Marie Kulseth

Amy, a Minnesota native, showcases her passion for Minnesota’s most beautiful features by bringing them to life with an abstract twist whether it be a landmark, landscape, memory, pet, or person. When Amy is not creating art, you can find her enjoying the outdoors and spending time with loved ones.

“My vision for the 2022 poster was to reflect on the beauty, energy, and spirit of the Minneapolis Riverfront. By using palette knife techniques my vision was to incorporate many facets of color while approaching the piece with a more abstract vision.”

Website: etsy.com/shop/AmyMarieArtMN
Facebook: @AmyMarieArtFanpage
Instagram: @amymarieart

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