2021 Poster Artist

The Stone Arch Bridge Festival selected local artist WACSO to create the 2021 Collector’s Poster.

WACSO is the pen name of Robb Burnham. Each year an artist is asked to capture the spirit of the Minneapolis Riverfront for a special limited release poster. Additional challenges were presented to WACSO including; representing the “gap” year of 2020 when the festival was cancelled because of COVID-19, as well as recognizing the festival’s new location on the west side of the Mississippi River. WACSO’s charming illustration of the Minneapolis Riverfront’s west side perspective looking across the river with views of the Stone Arch Bridge, the iconic water tower and crowning Pillsbury sign. “The artwork captures it all. And don’t miss the discarded mask in the lower left corner. We’ve all been through the wringer over the past year. Art has the ability to unite people with a simple relatable image that we all understand – like a crumpled up mask and a scratched out 2020.”, Sara Collins, festival director.

WACSO will be a featured artist at the festival this year (booth #110) and will have the 2021 Collector’s Poster available for purchase. The image will also be featured on a reusable tote bag available for purchase at all festival information booths.

The Artist: Robb Burnham a.k.a WACSO

WACSO stands for: Walkin’ Around Checkin’ Stuff Out. “These are the drawings I make as I’m walkin’ around checkin’ stuff out. It’s all about getting out there and finding cool stuff: Old buildings, dive bars, county fairs, old people, dogs…pretty much anything that’s cool and has soul.” When Robb isn’t drawing pictures of dive bars and dogs, you can find him playing rock and roll drums and being an advertising Creative Director at KC Truth.

website: wacsowashere.com instagram: @wacso_was_here

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